1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

Date: June 13, 2016 Author: [email protected] Categories: Current Projects

New, old, newish old or oldish new, we love working on them all. Here's another example of an absolute gem, this Canadian car has never seen a winter!! This customer has owner this car since it was a year old, and it's been stored undercover in a garage for the last 12 years.

Wanting to do a full restoration a piece at a time we've started with the engine. This 350ci TPI(tuned port injection) V8 is an excellent platform for any Hot Rod, it comes from the factory with a roller camshaft!!

Follow us along on this build, I'll be posting pics as the work progresses!

So with summer just around the corner it's time to get some projects out of the shop and on the road! This TransAm is no exception, with the block back from the machinist & about 90% of the parts on hand it's time to put this baby back together!

Now any engine builder that's passionate about their work will tell you, it is a true art form, and being meticulous is what pays off in the long run. The more time spent cleaning and measuring and checking and repeating this whole process. During assembly I found a few issues and was able to correct them right away...because I was paying attention!

This car ended up looking completely stock under the hood, all pollution controls still operating, better breathing, more power and she still passed emmisions no problem!!