Fleetwood Country Cruize In 2015

Date: November 25, 2015 Author: [email protected] Categories: Photo Galleries

Saturday June 6th, first day of the 2015 Fleetwood Country Cruize In and what a beautiful day we had, couldn't have asked for better weather, sunny and not too hot! We got to the show around 6:30am and cars were lined up for half a mile in each direction! Car guys are really easy people to talk to so we chatted it up for about 30 minutes until the cars started rolling in. Pulling in we could see that was a well planned out & organized show. We ended up plugging the car into a great spot next to a stream on two corners with the forth blocked by two trees, and other than the "tree & bird droppings" the spot was fantastic!

The array of cars at this show was vast, it's nice to see the diversity of the car culture assemble at one gathering. There was so much to see and do it's obvious as to why this is a weekend long affair. We didn't even get to the infamous Duke boys! Tom Wopat (Luke) and John Schneider (Bo), hopefully Sunday. Who we did talk to was Linda Vaughn "Miss Hurst Golden Shifter" and Courtney Hansen, we were graceful enough to pose for a picture with them ;) And second only to these lovely ladies were custom car ledgends Gene Winfield and George Barris(of famed Barris Kustoms) it's inspiring to us at SGC beyond belief to see these gentlemen still actively involved in the car world...the heart of a true car guy is reflected in these legends.

What a great time we had this show, we were fortunate enough to squeak this one in as it was the last year for the show. Check out this awesome video from the guys at Gotham Studios from the show: http://youtu.be/Tvpe_iQsVso you might recongize a few people in it :-)