1923 T-Bucket

Date: November 18, 2015 Author: [email protected] Categories: Current Projects | The Latest

The Ford T-Bucket has to be one of, if not the, most popular and iconic street rods going. Nothing quite beats this classic styling and the open road feel of cruising in one of these babies. Their relative simplicity lends for and excellent base to a home build or project car. Due to their popularity and versatility, parts are readily available and the options for configuring the harware that make up these cars is endless. Sometimes this leads to a car that doesn't quite reach its full potential.

Now there's a lot of these fun cars out there, and consequently we've studied them for years. Add in a few decades of working on and setting cars up to run smoothly down the road and we're left with a pretty refined recepie for dialing these cars in. This 1923 T-Bucket is no exception, overall a car that's in good shape & an excellent platform to start with, but she needs some overdue SGC TLC :-)

With the hustle & bustle of life it's easy to put a second car or a project car on the back burner and with a fine tooth comb we can reveal the neglect & worn out parts that go along with it, this T-Bucket was no exception. The customers complaints were anything from unstable on the road, to electrical issues to brake issues. And with all these problems, it makes the car not fun to drive...what good is that!!

We pretty much did't like anything we saw, so made changes to almost everything! Starting with the loose front end...everything was loose, we redesigned things here, built in more caster for better steering returnability, upgraded to heavy duty king pins & spindles to accomodate a disk brake conversion. Added steering component clearance, used aircraft quality joints, custom fit an Ididit steering column & linkage. Serviced the engine & transmission, re-wired the entire car with a new 21 fuse harness and updated the hydraulic brake components. Adjusted & tuned the accelerator pump circuit on the carburetor & repaired multiple leaks in the fuel system. Now this is a brief synopsis of what we did, trust me there's more! End result is we tackled any issue involving safety, maintenance & reliable performance. It was an entire physical. What we're left with is a car you can hop into, turn the key and cruise down the road worry free.

We want people to drive & enjoy their cars for years to come!!