Restoration, Safety & Performance Upgrades/Mods

Although our focus at SGC is custom car building, we also have a great appreciation for vintage automobiles as they rolled off the assembly line.

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Trouble with driving these old beauties today is safely integrating with traffic, especially when one needs to perform an emergency maneuver. This is where the Resto-Mod comes into play.

Performing a Resto-Mod is a process where a vintage vehicle is completely dismantled, and areas pertaining to driveability (suspension/powertrain-engine-transmission-brakes/electrical/wheels & tires) are improved with updated & safer modern components. The remaining original components that are going to be reused (body, partial framework & accent/interior pieces-knobs ect…) are restored as necessary to bring them back to a like new state. Then assembly of these new like components in conjunction with the safety upgrades and performance mods yield a new vintage looking & feeling vehicle, that drives & rides equally as well (if not better) as a modern car. 

If you have an old car that needs a restoration, or a car that’s already in great shape, and would like a vehicle you can comfortably cruise around in & take on trips while being safe and reliable, consider having SGC perform a Resto-Mod on your vehicle. One turn of the key and you’ll be over joyed you did!

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