Our Services

Stylish Getaway Cars is an in-house service company, we control every aspect of what goes into our cars as well as maintenance and repairs

Whether you own an SGC, or another brand of luxury sports car, vintage classic or hot rod, SGC can work on it. This is our business, our specialty and our personal passion.

Full Custom Bodies

Here at SGC our specialty is delivering an untouchable gangster like feeling, of an elegant time long past, to the drivers of our cars. Seeing an SGC drive down the road intimidates onlookers with a feeling of awe and appreciation because each SGC is a one of a kind driving work of art.

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Restoration & Safety Updates

Although our focus at SGC is custom car building, we also have a great appreciation for vintage automobiles as they rolled off the assembly line. Trouble with driving these old beauties today is integrating with traffic, especially when one needs to perform an emergency maneuver.

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Here at SGC, we understand that some people feel “why mess with a good thing”. That’s why we offer a full restoration service.

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Service, Maintenance & Safety Updates

Whether your pride & joy is an exotic sports car, a hot rod, or a one of a kind vintage classic, here at SGC we understand you don’t want ANYONE to touch it! We feel the same way about our own cars.

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